• You must be 16/18/21 years of age or older to buy Lottery tickets and claim prizes.
  • Players are responsible for checking their tickets before leaving the Retailer location.
  • A ticket is void if stolen, unissued, mutilated, illegible, tampered with or altered in any way, defective or incomplete.
  • The Lottery is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets.
  • A Lotto/Lottery ticket may be cancelled only if presented before the drawing to the Retailer where it was originally purchased. Powerball tickets cannot be cancelled.
  • Multi-drawing bets on the same number(s) may be made in advance for all games. Ask Retailer for details.
  • You must fill in your name, address and phone number on the back of your winning ticket before you file a prize claim.
  • All winning tickets are subject to validation by the Lottery.
  • All winning tickets are bearer instruments.
  • Choose your numbers. You can do a random pick or you can use certain number that are important to you such as birth
  • Take your lottery ticket to the store owner and hand it to them. Usually you have to pay cash for all lottery tickets. They will run your numbers and ticket through a lotto machine and hand you a smaller ticket with your registered numbers.
  • After the lottery has been drawn, take your ticket to the grocery store or convenience store and ask the retailer to check your ticket. Retailers have a machine that they run your ticket through to check to see if you are a winner or not.
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